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Turn your class notes, study guides and exam solutions into real cash today

Sell your study notes in a split second

Why do I need to upload and sell my study notes?

We offer generous sale-based commission on every purchase made

  • Nothing to lose, only to win

    Nothing to lose, only to win

    It’s hard work you’ve already put into your class notes and study guides. Why don't you sell them online and get something in return.

  • Name a price

    Name a price

    For every upload, you can set your price. Create a bundle with a discount, or play with your price(s) along the way

  • Global reach

    Global reach

    Your study resources are globally available. The marketplace offers you a spot to become an international publisher of your own creations.

  • Earn while sleeping

    Earn while sleeping

    Make money on every sale. You never made easier cash. Upload your class notes and study guides and start selling them today!

How does it work?

How does it work?

Sell your study notes online

Stuvia offers an online marketplace to sell study notes for you to make the most of your laborious studies. Student life is often an uphill battle. Funds are low, motivation drained and incentives seem distant. But stress less: With Stuvia you’ll study smarter and get paid to do so.

Create your personal study store

Within seconds, you’re able to create your personal study store within the online marketplace. Sell your study notes online and inject some funds into your dwindling bank account. This provides a well needed incentive to succeed in your studies. Making effective study notes will boost your grades and give you some extra cash to keep your social life a float.

You have full ownership

1. You will keep full ownership

At all times, you retain 100% ownership of your study notes. Buyers will only be allowed to use your notes for personal use. Sharing your work is illegal.

We will help you provide support

2. We help you set-up shop

While uploading, you name your study notes and state a short description of the content you’re offering so people can digitally (e.g. via Google) find you.

You set the price

3. Name a price and sell instantly

You set the price for each of your study notes. Or create a bundle of your best notes, to attract potential buyers even more.

We do the marketing

4. We do the marketing for you

After you completed your uploads, Stuvia automatically generate optimized pages for your study notes and send out notifications to the people within your area of study.

Quality will sell

5. Quality over quantity

Star ratings will boost your reputation, which directly leads to more sales. People will start to follow your activity, so future uploads are instantly noticed by your fan base.

Earn your income

6. Passive cashflow

The platform is aimed in a way that allows you to build your reputation, and in effect, your income from the platform. You earn a commission fee on every sale! Be ready for money passively flowing into your wallet...

Our active community

2.200.000 Documents sold Since we started Stuvia in 2010
750.000 Average annual earnings Since we started Stuvia in 2010
75.000 Study notes sold in the last 30 days
20.000 New signups since the beginning of this month

Selling as a student on Stuvia

Your summaries, class notes, study guides and summarized text books are worth money. Stuvia is a platform where all your hard work can be turned into money. We offer a generous commission on every sale. Stuvia offers an easy and quick way to turn all your hard work into real cash during your busy student life. Also, your study material keeps its value for a long period of time, which enables you to make money off your old college notes and study guides after having graduated for years.

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Customers about Stuvia

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