Since 2010 we are on a mission to help students pass their exams. A brief overview of who we are and what we stand for.

The story

Stuvia is the marketplace for buying and selling module summaries. The website launched in 2010, when both of the founders were still students themselves. The whole idea evolved from their own personal needs; how could they make money from summaries and notes they were compelled to write for their studies, and help other students in the process.

As a student, you have to produce volumes of documents throughout the year; summaries, lecture notes, surveys, case studies, essays and of course, your thesis. What many students don’t realise, is that they themselves own the copyright on their written work. You write all these documents, of course, with the ultimate goal of achieving your profession or study. But what if you could earn a little money along the way?

By rewarding writers for the hours they spend on their summaries, Stuvia creates an environment where knowledge and skills becomes valuable. Click here to learn how Stuvia can help you with your studies or how you can earn money from your summaries.

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