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Signature Assignment: Phoenix Medical Assignment

Signature Assignment: Phoenix Medical Assignment Complete the Book Adjustments (Adj1 Sale of fixed assets, Adj2 2015 Depreciation, and Reclass of accounts payable) using the included resources. Adjust the Journal Entries using the included resources for 2015 depreciation. Apply information from the included resources to complete the Tax Adjustments: Accrual to Cash Adjustment - Accounts Receivable; Charitable contributions carryover; 50% Meals and Entertainment; Non-deductible penalties; Tax Exempt interest; Accrual to Cash Adjustment - Accounts Payable. Classify the Taxable Income entries on the Adjusted Trial Balance to complete using the included resources. Apply Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. Your manager has also listed questions that require a response. Read the Phoenix Medical Worksheet Student Part 1 (Microsoft® Word) and answer the questions using short answers. Complete the Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet showing your adjustments and final tax trial balance. Answer all questions as short answers. Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment as a Microsoft® Word document or Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet.

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