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Assignments 1, 2 & 3 2019 MCQ Q&A 2019 Online Revision MCQ Q&A of chapters 1 – 12 2019 E-Tutor Group Revision MCQ Q&A covering chapters 1-12 (IOP1501-2019-S2-1E) Textbook chapter revision Q&A 2017 Assignments MCQ Q&A from Tut201 & 202 2017 O/N Exam Paper MCQ Q&A 2018 Assignments 1-4 Q&A 2012-2014 Assignments Q&A

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By: brianqhawelethukhumalo • 2 months ago

could really be proper if 1st semester assignment answers were all answered. Also the layout is bad.

By: bonnie9 • 2 months ago

All 2019 assignment answers are there. To which Assignment 1 are you referring? WRT layout; this document works chronologically descending from 2019 with as many assignments, textbook MCQ and exam MCQ, I tried to be as comprehensive as possible. In a PDF document you can search a key word or question and it will search the entire document for you.

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