This is what students say about Stuvia

It’s pretty obvious we like Stuvia, but don’t just take our word for it. Read what students have to say about Stuvia.
University of South Africa (Unisa) · 4 days ago
Stuvia motivates students to do better and rewards them for it. What a great concept. Thanks guys, keep up the excellent work.
Parktown Boys' High School · 4 days ago
I absolutely love stuvia - not only is it quick and easy to use, it covers every subject for university and high school and has an abundance of notes, quizes, and exams.
University of South Africa (Unisa) · 4 days ago
Making some extra cash in December was fantastic! Now I can put all my earnings towards my study notes for this year!
University of South Africa (Unisa) · 4 days ago
Stuvia is a helpful platform for students which assist with exam prep as well as offers the opportunity to make extra cash.
Beaulieu College · 3 weeks ago
Such a great opportunity for students to earn extra money for the hard work they put it.
University of South Africa (Unisa) · 4 weeks ago
It is an amazing platform
University of South Africa (Unisa) · 1 month ago
Great website and service
Summit College, Kyalami, Gauteng · 1 month ago
This is a brilliant way to make some extra money. It brings me joy knowing that students can benefit and improve their marks with my help.
University of South Africa (Unisa) · 2 months ago
Stuvia is a great platform to share and receive notes, it makes studying for exams so much easier!
University of South Africa (Unisa) · 3 months ago
Excellent way of earning money as well as helping other students pass with quality notes :)