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Summary articles International Strategic Management

Summary of the required articles you have to read, DOES NOT include summary of methodology section. Following articles: ARTICLE 1 – International strategy: From local to global and beyond ARTICLE 2 – Coping with liability of foreignness: Different learning engagements of entrant firms ARTICLE 3 – Corporate Social Responsibility: A theory of the firm perspective ARTICLE 4 – The internationalization process of the firm – A model of knowledge and development and increasing foreign market commitments ARTICLE 5 – Agency theory revisited: CEO return and shareholder interest alignment ARTICLE 6 – Boundaries of the Firm: Insights From International Entry Mode Research ARTICLE 7 – Weight versus Voice: How Foreign Subsidiaries Gain Attention from Corporate Headquarters ARTICLE 8 – The Multi-national Corporation as an Inter-Organizational Network ARTICLE 9 – Organizational Culture: Can It Be a Source of Sustained Competitive Advantage? ARTICLE 10 – A Resource-Based Perspective on Human Capital Losses, HRM Investments, and Organizational Performance ARTICLE 11 – Integrated Strategy: Market and Non-Market Components ARTICLE 12 – Political Pluralism, Public Policies, and Organizational Choices: Banking Branch Expansion in India.

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