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SOCS 325 Week 4 Midterm (v3)

1. Question (TCO 1) Ecological dialogue can best be summarized as: 2. Question (TCO 2) Which of the following is the major cause of species extinction? 3. Question (TCO 3) What environmental problem did the Montreal Protocol seek to address? 4. Question (TCO 4) According to the economist Fred Hirsch, a "positional good" is a good or commodity: 5. Question (TCO 5) Of the many techniques advertisers use to persuade customers to purchase goods, which is the most effective? 6. Question (TCO 6) According to your text, what percent of U.S. carbon dioxide emissions come from automobiles? 7. Question (TCO 7) According to Malthus, population grows: 8. Question (TCO 7) Which of the following does Sen claim will NOT insure food availability? 9. Question (TCO 3) Smog is responsible for which of the following? 10. Question (TCO 5) What is the average number of traffic deaths each year in the U.S.? 11. Question (TCO 1) The author of our course textbook states that "the principle scholarly contribution of the book is the concept of ecological dialogue." Briefly explain what is meant by ecological dialogue, and give an example or illustration. Pick a major environmental problem and describe how you would solve it using ecological dialogue. 12. Question (TCO 2) Describe the environmental impact of industry and how it influences human health. Provide a few examples of these impacts. Also, describe in detail how some of these environmental risks and disasters impact human health by causing illness and even death. 13. Question (TCO 4) Describe how consumption and materialism impact the physical environment? Give a few examples. Can our society continue to practice materialism and at the same time still become more sustainable? What are some things we overconsume? 14. Question (TCO 6) Describe green technology's impact on the global economy and environment. How is green technology being used worldwide in our society? Compare and contrast the pros and cons of green technology. 15. Question (TCO 7) Given the relationship between population growth and environmental impacts, assess resource utilization theories and population size while examining the effects of this relationship on debt. How does this relate to poverty and hunger? Also, describe how this relates to environmental racism and global inequality.

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