"To understand inequality in South Africa it is important to identify the ways gender and care intersect. Do you agree or disagree?" - R250   Add to cart

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"To understand inequality in South Africa it is important to identify the ways gender and care intersect. Do you agree or disagree?"

Throughout this piece, I have argued that inequality in South Africa is fuelled by the intersection of gender and care. I have started by exploring the extent to which women, with specific reference to black African women, suffer from inequality which is exacerbated by their unwritten responsibility to provide care. This was done by firstly defining gender and secondly, examining the family unit, and how patriarchal structures of power deem men to be natural leaders and bread-winners, whereas women are only good for providing care. I went on to discuss the labour migration which is the root of disrupted family life and deviance from the nuclear normal; it is impossible to deny the long-lasting legacy of the apartheid era when considering the cause of inequality in South Africa. The justification for focusing on the family is that the family both experience inequality and reproduce it, therefore it strongly displays clear elements of it. Thereafter, I went on to define care as a process and how it is useful for noticing how well care has been implemented and received. I used the AIDS epidemic as an example of how care and gender insect, as women bear the burden of caring for suffering men, however this care is not reciprocated when women are ill. The incredible role of grandmothers was highlighted to show that once again, care is gendered and is clearly passed from one generation to the next. Lastly, I offered a brief idea of what destigmatising care would result in, which happens to be the foundation of the feminism movement.

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