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Summary Cnidaria - Coelenterata

Summary of Cnidaria Characteristics, fully labelled diagrams and expansion on the 4 Main Classes of Cnidaria (Hydrozoa, Scyphozoa, Cubozoa & Anthozoa). Each of the classes has a characteristics list and a labelled diagram and explanation of various physical structures as well as examples of organisms in those classes we are well acquainted with. Also provides explanation of Cnidarian movement and Hydrosstatic Skeleton.

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  • 1. Summary - Plathyhelminthes - flat worms
  • 2. Summary - Cnidaria - coelenterata
  • 3. Summary - Porifera - sponges
  • 4. Summary - Annelida - complex worms
  • 5. Summary - Nematoda - weird worms
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