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SEJPME Post Test (Latest) (Already graded A, Contains 50 Questions)

SEJPME Post Test (Latest) 1) In the name of strategic mobility, the Marine Corps adopted prepositioning for which of the following purposes? [objective81] speed and dispersion provide materiel needed to sustain a brigade for 30 days in a potential combat zone amphibious assault 2) During the ceremony of the Ancient Mariner, the new Ancient Mariner must wear _____. (Select all that apply.) [objective88] fore and aft style hat Revenue Cutter log book gold braided shoulder epaulets nautical long glass 3) The following Reserve Components have both a Federal (Title 10) mission and a State (Title 32) mission, and therefore can be used to enforce State laws. [objective92] Air National Guard and Army National Guard Army Reserve and Army National Guard Navy Reserve and Marine Corps Reserve Air Reserve and Air National Guard 4) One way to remember the instruments of national power is by using the acronym _____. [objective63] ANSA NSCS DIME NSPD 5) Between 1777 and 1778, Baron Friedrich Willhelm von Steuben taught the Continental Army what aspects of war? (Select all that apply.) [objective79] proper care of equipment bayonet usage rifle cartridges loading drill formations 6) The primary function of the Air Force is to provide prompt and sustained offensive and defensive air operation. [objective72] True False 7) The first step in solving a problem is to _____. [objective58] gather multiple perspectives on the problem report the problem to the commanding officer define the problem draft an action plan 8) Our oath demands each of us display_____ and always do what is right, regardless of the cost. [objective96] moral courage integrity discipline leadership 9) Which of the following is NOT one of the major levels of reserve mobilization? [objective90] partial mobilization full mobilization presidential reserve call-up limited reserve call-up 10) Leaders at all levels must understand, establish, and support a Total Force Fitness program within their organizations. [objective105] True False 11) The term "scuttlebutt" is a Navy word referring to the kitchens of the ship. [objective85] False True 12) The abilities of the Coast Guard to operate in severe weather conditions, 24 hours a day, year round, are called? [objective77] Search and Rescue missions Marine Safety missions Defense Readiness missions Deepwater missions 13) Simultaneous and parallel operations are the most effective use of aerospace power in producing which of the following? [objective76] initiative, situational responsiveness, and tactical flexibility confusion, situational responsiveness, and paralysis within the adversary's system shock, confusion, and paralysis within the adversary's system 14) During the conduct of military operations, multinational personnel must be able to _____. [objective70] develop guidance for detainee operations in a joint environment according to their respective laws enforce local rules of engagement (ROE) without regard to approved coalition ROE properly control, maintain, protect and account for all detainees according to applicable domestic law, international law, and policy target only a small percentage of individuals who fall into different categories under the law of war 15) Reserve Component leaders believe that they receive adequate funding to support all levels of operational use identified by Service and Department of Defense plans. [objective91] True False 16) Which of the following is a technical or personal risk when using social media? [objective102] [Remediation Accessed :N] network security intrusions none of the answers are correct personal identity theft and impersonation espionage all of the answers are correct 17) Promotions and re-enlistments are ceremonies requiring formation in this order: (a) personal awards presented first, (b) promotions second, and (c) re-enlistments third. [objective86] True False 18) Which of the following are roles of the Marine Corps according to Title 10 US Code? [objective75] develop tactics, techniques, and equipment-use phases of amphibious operations by landing forces all of the answers are correct visit, board, search, and seizure (VBSS) training for embargo or intercept operations narcotics/drug interdiction and illegal alien interdiction 19) It is essential that leaders ensure that service members understand the availability of psychological health resources and support and encourage the use of those resources as needed. [objective103] True False 20) A special operations command-forward can transition to a _____. [objective95] Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) Civil-Military Operations Center (CMOC) Theater Special Operations Command (TSOC) Joint Special Operations Task Force (JSOTF) 21) Which of the following is NOT a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff? [objective60] Chief of Naval Operations Commandant of the Coast Guard Commandant of the Marine Corps Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff 22) Risk assessment, risk management, and recommending mitigating measures to the commander or others, are all steps that must be taken in order to properly mitigate risk. [objective100] False True 23) Today, the U.S. and its partners find themselves in an era in which they are unlikely to be fully at war or fully at peace. [objective74] False True 24) Within joint command organizations, leadership and ethics considerations require us to _____ and consider not only personal experiences, but also the lessons learned from others' experiences - both positive and negative. [objective101] seek out professional assistance acknowledge our own prejudice know all of the facts critically think about 25) The U.S. continues to become more dependent on the global domain within the information environment consisting of the interdependent network of information technology infrastructures, including the Internet, telecommunications networks, computer systems, and embedded processors and controllers. It is imperative that we safeguard this domain known as _____. [objective59] networks cyberspace space information 26) The 193rd Special Operations Wing of the Pennsylvania Air National Guard provides the only _____ platform in the Department of Defense with the EC-130 Commando Solo. [objective94] airborne psychological operations airborne early warning combat aviation advisor electronic warfare 27) Who is considered the "Father of the Coast Guard?" [objective83] Douglas Munro Ida Lewis Sumner Kimball Alexander Hamilton 28) Under what circumstances may the Coast Guard be transferred to and operate as a service of the Navy? (Select all that apply.) [objective78] when directed by the President when ordered by the Secretary of Defense upon a declaration of war 29) Which branch of the armed forces operates within the Department of Homeland Security? [objective57] Navy Army Coast Guard Air Force Marines None of the branches 30) Joint _____ is the component of joint force development that entails collecting observations, analyzing them, and taking the necessary steps to turn them into changes in behavior that improve the mission ready capabilities of the joint force. [objective97] [Remediation Accessed :N] lessons learned concepts education doctrine 31) Which of the following are among Air Force customs, courtesies, and traditions designed to provide high morale? (Select all that apply.) [objective87] Dining-In, Dining-Out, and Combat Dining-In Hail and Farewell The Order of the Sword The Grog Bowl 32) What are the key criticisms of the interagency process? (Select all that apply.) [objective62] it can be cumbersome it is often time-consuming it is rarely effective no one is in charge 33) The Department of State assigns a ______ to combatant commanders, and increasingly to Join Task Force commanders, to provide foreign policy perspective and to establish linkage with U.S. embassies in the area of responsibility or joint operations area and the Department of State. [objective64] Chief of Mission (COM) Political Advisor (POLAD) Liaison Officer (LNO) Joint Interagency Coordination Group (JIACG) 34) The U.S. Transportation Command, U.S. Special Operations Command, and U.S. Strategic Command comprise the _____. Service component commands functional component commands functional combatant commands geographic combatant commands 35) Which of the following are considerations when hosting a formal dinner? [objective84] begin planning months in advance with the proposed guest list identify unique cultural considerations in a foreign country print and mail invitations four to six weeks in advance all of the answers are correct plan the menu and walk through the upcoming evening's sequence of events 36) What is the Army's primary role? [objective73] to support the other Services to train and equip itself for the overwhelming and synchronized application of both land and air combat power to train and equip itself for the overwhelming and synchronized application of land combat power 37) In the Chairman's White Paper, "Mission Command" (2012), with the advent and increase of command and control (C2) capabilities, networked-enabled leaders are cautioned against the lure to _____. [objective98] micromanage delegate authority second-guess provide guidance 38) The need for effective liaison is vital in any multinational force because _____. [objective71] the U.S. has limited trained personnel similar economic and social affiliations with supported partners liaisons facilitate the ability to integrate and synchronize operations national law suggests a robust liaison structure 39) Reserve Components now comprise almost what percent of the Total Force and are an integral part of the Armed Forces of the United States? [objective89] 50 percent 60 percent 30 percent 40 percent 40) Short-duration strikes and other small-scale offensive actions conducted with specialized military capabilities to seize, destroy, capture, exploit, recover, or damage designated targets in hostile, denied, or diplomatically and/or politically sensitive environments is called _____. It differs from other offensive actions in the level of diplomatic or political risk, the operational techniques employed, and the degree of discriminate and precise use of force to achieve specific objectives. [objective93] counterterrorism direct action special reconnaissance unconventional warfare 41) By virtue of their familiarity in a foreign country or region, _____ are a valuable source of information for a Joint Task Force commander who may have neither access to nor current information about the affected country or region. [objective65] liaison teams multinational forces IGOs and NGOs USG agencies 42) Joint force commanders coordinate with other government agencies to facilitate coherent use of all instruments of national power in achieving national strategic objectives. [objective67] True False 43) Which of the following are examples of naval implementation of the U.S. Containment Policy? (Select all that apply.) [objective80] long-term deployment around the globe nuclear-armed jet aircraft imposing a quarantine during a crisis development of nuclear-powered submarines capable of lengthy deployments under the sea 44) Within the joint environment, cooperation requires team players, and the willingness to share _____ with all team members. [objective99] credit effort workload ideas 45) The difficulty some units face adapting their mindset to vastly changed conditions on their third or fourth deployment to the same location is known as _____ challenges. [objective66] rotation transition situational awareness influence 46) Under the U.S. Constitution, the Congress has the power to _____. [objective56] provide tanks and other equipment of war for Canada and Mexico declare war, support allied armies, and provide ships for allied navies close the U.S. borders declare war, raise and support Armies, provide and support a Navy, make rules for the government and regulation of the land and naval forces 47) Resilience-based training contributes to the overall mission readiness of the Armed Forces. [objective104] False True 48) The comprehensive doctrine of air warfare supported the conclusion that highaltitude, daylight bombing of an enemy's war-supporting industries and transportation systems could win a war. [objective82] True False 49) To promote their mutual national interests and ensure mutual security against real and perceived threats, nations that form partnerships must understand the impacts of _____. [objective69] techniques, tactics, and procedures (TTPs) culture and economics non-governmental agencies internally displaced personnel (IDPs) 50) Use of joint capabilities in _____ helps shape the operational environment and keeps the day-to-day tensions between nations and groups below the threshold of armed conflict, while maintaining U.S. global influence. [objective68] military engagement, security cooperation, and deterrence activities major combat operations forcible entry operations strikes and raids

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