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SEJPME Pre Test (Latest) (Already graded A, Contains 50 Questions)

SEJPME Pre Test (Latest) 1) The 193rd Special Operations Wing of the Pennsylvania Air National Guard provides the only _____ platform in the Department of Defense with the EC-130 Commando Solo. combat aviation advisor airborne psychological operations airborne early warning electronic warfare ________________________________________ 2) What are the key criticisms of the interagency process? (Select all that apply.) no one is in charge it is rarely effective it is often time-consuming it can be cumbersome ________________________________________ 3) Today, the U.S. and its partners find themselves in an era in which they are unlikely to be fully at war or fully at peace. False True ________________________________________ 4) Joint force air component commander (JFACC), joint force land component commander (JFLCC), and joint force maritime component commander (JFMCC) are all examples of _____. joint task forces functional component commands subunified commands service component commands ________________________________________ 5) _____ is a hostile environment that often presents complex emotional and ethical dilemmas. Major combat operations Irregular warfare environment Support for civil authorities Humanitarian assistance operations ________________________________________ 6) Reconnaissance and surveillance actions normally conducted in a clandestine or covert manner to collect or verify information of strategic or operational significance, employing military capabilities not normally found in conventional forces are called _____. These actions acquire information concerning the capabilities, intentions and activities of an enemy. strategic reporting special reconnaissance unconventional warfare foreign internal defense ________________________________________ 7) Which of the following describes the role of the Coast Guard in the U.S.'s maritime regions? the Coast Guard operates in inland, coastal, and deepwater regions the Coast Guard operates in inland and coastal regions the Coast Guard operates in Coastal and deepwater regions ________________________________________ 8) Which of the following represent highlights of Air Force history? all of the answers are correct expansion into space design of a doctrine of strategic bombing and one of organizational independence development of the Strategic Air Command ________________________________________ 9) The _____ outranks all other officers of the Armed Forces, but may not exercise military command over any of the Armed Forces. This officer is the principal military advisor to the President, the National Security Council, and the Secretary of Defense. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Supreme Allied Commander War Czar Combatant Commander ________________________________________ 10) Multinational operations are _____. actions conducted by two or more non-military organizations from two or different nations actions conducted by two or more nations actions conducted by two or more military elements military actions conducted by forces of two or more nations, typically organized within the structure of a coalition or alliance ________________________________________ 11) The earliest form of the Coast Guard began on 4 August 1790, when President George Washington authorized the construction of ten vessels to _____. provide rescue to passengers of damaged or sinking ships defend the coastal waters and harbors of the United States map the coastal territories of the United States prevent smuggling ________________________________________ 12) One of the three approaches within the Total Force Fitness (TFF) Program includes preventative strategies which include addressing and eliminating the stigma and other factors that prevent Service members (and their families) from seeking help early and focus on achieving increased performance. False True ________________________________________ 13) Under what circumstances may the Coast Guard be transferred to and operate as a service of the Navy? (Select all that apply.) when ordered by the Secretary of Defense when directed by the President upon a declaration of war ________________________________________ 14) The post-Vietnam Maritime Strategy called for the positioning of strong Naval forces along the seaward flanks of the Soviet Union in what locations? (Select all that apply.) the Far East the Black Sea northern Europe the Mediterranean Sea ________________________________________ 15) Which reserve mobilization authority provides the President a means to activate, without a declaration of national emergency, not more than 200,000 reservists for not more than 365 days to meet the support requirements of any operational mission? partial mobilization (PM) selective mobilization (SM) SECDEF call-up (SCU) presidential reserve call-up (PRC) ________________________________________ 16) Delegating execution authority to responsible and capable lower-level commanders is essential to which of the following roles of Air Force commander or command groups? achieving effective span of control both of the answers are correct fostering initiative, situational responsiveness, and tactical flexibility ________________________________________ 17) Which of the following is a technical or personal risk when using social media? espionage all of the answers are correct network security intrusions personal identity theft and impersonation none of the choices are correct ________________________________________ 18) With over half of its forces in the Reserve Components, the Army relies heavily on _____. the Army National Guard the Army Reserve none of the answers are correct both the Army National Guard and Army Reserve ________________________________________ 19) Reserve Components now comprise almost what percent of the Total Force and are an integral part of the Armed Forces of the United States? 50 percent 60 percent 40 percent 30 percent ________________________________________ 20) The ability of the U.S. to achieve its national strategic objectives is dependent on the effectiveness of the U.S. Government in employing the instruments of national power, which are _____. culture, industry, technology, and geography political, military, economic, social, informational, and infrastructure diplomacy, defense, and development diplomatic, informational, military, and economic ________________________________________ 21) The purpose of the _____ principle of joint operations is to allocate minimum essential combat power to secondary efforts. restraint surprise unity of command economy of force ________________________________________ 22) In major operations, joint force commanders need a clear understanding of the national strategic objectives and how military operations support those objectives. True False ________________________________________ 23) A group or person is honor-bound to do which of the following upon receiving a limerick at mess? refute the remark prior to the close of the dinner hour return the embarrassment in kind ignore it as any self-generated entertainment ________________________________________ 24) The ______ is an interagency staff group that establishes or enhances regular, timely, and collaborative working relationships between other government agency (e.g., CIA, DOS, FBI) representatives and military operational planners at the combatant commands. JIACG HAST CMOC POLAD ________________________________________ 25) The term "scuttlebutt" is a Navy word referring to the kitchens of the ship. False True ________________________________________ 26) Receiving realistic training, understanding the types of situations encountered in war, eating well, getting enough rest, and having meaningful relationships and friendships are all helpful in building _____ to the challenges and strains of military service. resilience opposition vulnerability indifference ________________________________________ 27) The National Security Council comprises of which three levels of formal interagency committees for coordination and making decision on national security issues? executive, deputies, and interagency coordination principals, deputies, and interagency policy strategic, operational, and tactical principals, deputies, and interagency working group ________________________________________ 28) Which of the following are roles of the Marine Corps according to Title 10 US Code? narcotics/drug interdiction and illegal alien interdiction all of the answers are correct visit, board, search, and seizure (VBSS) training for embargo or intercept operations develop tactics, techniques, and equipment-use phases of amphibious operations by landing forces ________________________________________ 29) The first step in solving a problem is to _____. report the problem to the commanding officer gather multiple perspectives on the problem draft an action plan define the problem ________________________________________ 30) By 1986, the Marine prepositioning strategy had in place 13 ships: one squadron in the eastern Atlantic, a second squadron in the Indian Ocean at Diego Garcia, and a third in the western Pacific at Guam. True False ________________________________________ 31) The United Nations, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, and the African Union are all examples of _____. international agencies intergovernmental organizations nongovernmental organizations bilateral alliances ________________________________________ 32) The main difference between Dining-In and Dining-Out for members of the Air Force is that spouses and other non-military guests may attend a Dining-In. False True ________________________________________ 33) Risk assessment, risk management, and recommending mitigating measures to the commander or others, are all steps that must be taken in order to properly mitigate risk. True False ________________________________________ 34) To ensure that respect and mutual cooperation exists among all parties, and to leverage cooperation in order to meet operational end states, combatant commanders should use _____. joint targeting groups (JTGs) local media outlets civil-military operations centers (CMOCs) human terrain teams (HTTs) ________________________________________ 35) Within the joint environment, cooperation requires team players, and the willingness to share _____ with all team members. ideas credit effort workload ________________________________________ 36) Reserve Component leaders agree that they receive adequate funding to support all levels of operational use identified by Service and Department of Defense plans. False True ________________________________________ 37) A special operations command-forward can transition to a _____. Theater Special Operations Command (TSOC) Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) Civil-Military Operations Center (CMOC) Joint Special Operations Task Force (JSOTF) ________________________________________ 38) The primary function of the Air Force is to provide prompt and sustained offensive and defensive air operation. False True ________________________________________ 39) Capt. Van Boskerck wrote the words to Semper Paratus while serving on board the Yamacraw in 1922. False True ________________________________________ 40) Which of the following are inherent military stressors that impact psychological health? all of the choices are correct operational environment conditions family impact recognizing concussions/traumatic brain injury ________________________________________ 41) In a traditional cake-cutting ceremony the first piece of cake is given to the youngest Marine present, and the second piece of cake is given to the oldest Marine present. True False ________________________________________ 42) The DoD Reorganization Act of 1958 _____. eliminated the position of Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff separated the Unified/Specified Commands from the Military Departments placed the Services directly under the President combined the Unified/Specified Commands during times of war ________________________________________ 43) The Army aids in shaping the international environment through an extensive forward presence in which of the following? Balkans, Middle East, Europe, Southwest Asia, the Korean Peninsula, and Japan Europe, Southwest Asia, the Korean Peninsula, and Japan Europe, Asia, the Korean Peninsula, and Japan ________________________________________ 44) Regardless of when or where employed, the Armed Forces of the United States abide by U.S. values, the standards for the profession of arms, and _____. military law Geneva convention constitutional principles uniformed code of military justice ________________________________________ 45) As ratified, the U.S. Constitution provided for a small professional army supplemented a militia of all able-bodied males under strict civilian control. True False ________________________________________ 46) The difficulty some units face adapting their mindset to vastly changed conditions on their third or fourth deployment to the same location is known as _____ challenges. transition rotation situational awareness influence ________________________________________ 47) During the conduct of military operations, multinational personnel must be able to _____. target only a small percentage of individuals who fall into different categories under the law of war develop guidance for detainee operations in a joint environment according to their respective laws enforce local rules of engagement (ROE) without regard to approved coalition ROE properly control, maintain, protect and account for all detainees according to applicable domestic law, international law, and policy ________________________________________ 48) Successful mission command demands that subordinate leaders at all echelons exercise _____. cautious power disciplined initiative regularly risk supervision ________________________________________ 49) Which branch of the armed forces operates within the Department of Homeland Security? Navy Air Force Marines None of the branches Coast Guard Army ________________________________________ 50) Joint _____ is the component of joint force development that entails collecting observations, analyzing them, and taking the necessary steps to turn them into changes in behavior that improve the mission ready capabilities of the joint force. education concepts doctrine lessons learned ________________________________________

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