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Summary: LO notes for term 1 and 2 (LO Syllabus only goes up to term 3)

As an A student, I can guarantee that these notes are extremely well written and summarised. It covers in Term 1: Topic 1: Stress Topic 2: Study Skills Topic 3: Careers and career choices In Term 2 it covers: Topic 1: Democracy and Human rights, involving media Topic 2: Media and Community campaigns Topic 3: Community and Government responsibility Topic 4: Mission statements THIS DOCUMENT IS ALSO VERY RECENT- DONE IN 2018 Applicable to the CAPS syllabus

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By: nelisiwesiphiwe • 3 months ago

I expected notes from term 1 to 3 but i got till term 2 only. Im really dissapointed after i paidney

By: jamiel4ee • 3 months ago

Sorry about the disappointment, however in the title for the document it very clearly states that the notes are only for term 1 and 2 . I was certain to make this clear.

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